wandering writer; curious old soul

H e l l o.

I'm Jen and this is my little piece of cyber-space.

I'm a Southern writer who tells the stories of the things we carry and the places we hold dear. I enjoy exploring the world through art and culture, artifact and design, food and folklore. I'm an amateur photographer who believes the lens can clarify what words may fail to capture. I'm a baker, a maker, a stitcher, a sketcher, a painter, a reader and a tea drinker. 

I invite you to share your stories with me: memories of the past, dreams for the future, the teacup in the attic, the box of old shoes that's moved with you eighteen times. Life is simple and beautiful. It is filled with lovely, little things that are easily overlooked if we aren't paying attention. I invite you also to look deeper into your own journey, explore the places you've been, where you are and where you long to go.

Gather up your courage now, Dear Hearts. It's time to begin.

To travel, to experience and learn; THAT is to live.
                                                                   ~ Tenzing Norgay

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